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Solar Service logging every couple seconds

After updating to OSX 10.10.1 my mid 2010 macbook became very slow.  Looking at my System Logs I found the following messages repeated over and over and still continuing: 11/20/14 8:10:53.608 AM Solar Service[518]: End of data 11/20/14 8:10:53.608 AM Solar

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WPEngine for WordPress Hosting Worth It?

Note:   This is not so much of a review, but more of how I came to a decision on WPEngine.  At $29/ month for the Personal plan I would not have even looked at WPEngine a year ago.  Why

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Environment Setup

This week I had to temporarily work on a new laptop so I had to set up my dev environment from scratch.  Of course, I wanted the same tools and apps I had on my permanent environment.  I find that

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Find large files on mac

Found a good article on how to find large files on the Mac OS X.  You can also save it as a smart folder so you can quickly see the largest files on your computer.

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Steve Jobs Videos

Steve Jobs had a passion for making a change in the world.  You can see it in everything he does and everything he says.  Below are some videos of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs Commencement Speech – A great speech inspiring

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New iOS 5 Apps

Find My Friends This is an app I wanted to do for a while, but never got around to actually doing it.  The app lets you find your friends on a map.  You can request to temporarily or permanently follow

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Requesting a Refund from iTunes

Problem I recently purchased an App from the App Store and it does not do what it said it is supposed to do.  I am not happy with my purchase and would like a refund.   How do I get

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HTC Thunderbolt 4G – A lot of Power

 If you have the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt, you may notice that your battery life goes down a bit too fast.  This is because the 4G antenna takes up a lot of power.  There is no easy way to switch it

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Earlier this month, the  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition was released.  It costs $99 and includes 1 year membership to the Call of Duty Elite.  This includes all the downloadable content for Call of Duty which they

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GoDaddy Refund

Today I learned GoDaddy offers a refund if you cancel your hosting plan early.  I couldn’t really find a straight answer for this and wanted to be sure.  So I emailed support and they replied pretty quickly saying they would

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