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MAMP – MySQL can’t connect after OS X Crash

Problem I had my macbook open, it went to sleep and I couldn’t wake it up.  After holding down the powerbutton for over 10 seconds, it turned on.  Everything was fine until I tried to open the MAMP home page.

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MAMP optimizations

“Optimizations” in the sense that you’ll have to do less work.  This website gives some great tips on saving you some time using MAMP. This site below actually helped me with the silent MAMP startup.  Read the comments on

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Page Speed SEO

One of the metrics for Search Engine Optimization is the time it takes to load a page.  With Google’s PageSpeed tool, you can see if your page is loading optimally.  One of the ways to better your page loading is

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Weblog Expert

Problem A client had wanted Google Analytics on their site a few months back so they asked me to put it in their website.  I thought I had, and I did, locally, but for one reason or another, it was

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Useful Linux Commands

I recently had to move a server and needed to set up another server. I’m a linux newbie so I needed to look up a lot of things. Below are some of the more common commands that I needed: (replace

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Mac OS X Linux Stuff

Locations and commands on the Mac OS X vs any other Linux/Unix system are different.  Below are some of the locations and commands I ran across in setting up my macbook as a webserver. apache2 is located in /etc/apache2/ Along

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GoDaddy Password Protect Home Directory

Problem: GoDaddy makes it simple to password protect a directory.  You just go to their file manager, click on a directory, click on Permissions, fill out a user and password and you’re done.  Bad thing is that you can’t password

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wordpress mod_rewrite exception url

Problem: I added a wordpress blog to a website, but I still needed to get to a url that was on the same website and not part of wordpress. Search terms: wordpress mod_rewrite exception url Solution Found: Use: RewriteRule

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