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WordPress only displays “error”

In trying to copy over a theme and partially start over I ran into an issue where WordPress wouldn’t show anything but one word, error.  Well, that’s helpful.  Searching the wordpress forums I found that the problem is actually a

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Google font WOFF in Firefox

Problem In a website that gets fonts from Google’s CDN, the browser window loading icon continuously runs.  In Firebug you can see that the WOFF file from google is the culprit.   Solution Turn off Firebug.  Apparently it’s a problem

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WordPress Widget Image Field

I found a great utility plugin to help with adding a Image picker field to a widget.  Basically you install and activate this plugin and you make your own widget and utilize the image field easily. The only problem I

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WordPress “The plugin generated xxxx characters of unexpected output during activation”

Problem I was developing a plugin for wordpress and receive a messsage: The plugin generated 496 characters of unexpected output during activation Solution I placed the following code at the end of my plugin file, update_option(‘plugin_error’,  ob_get_contents()); then looked in

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Cannot redeclare class require_once

Problem I’m using classes and making each class a file. when I’m including dependet classess, I use require_once to avoid multiple declarations – yet I get a Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class…   Solution Make sure all files that require the class have

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Other Languages showing as ??? in WordPress

Problem I copy-pasted some Japanese text into the WordPress editor and it shows as ????.  On another server, pasting the same japanese text shows the japanese text on the page.  No plugins seem to be affecting this.  Something with the

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WordPress debugging

Some useful tips for debugging wordpress will be listed here for future reference. Display All Hooks If you need to display all hooks, use the command below.  It is useful when trying to find a hook to alter some part

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WordPress Deactive Plugin

Problem I had a wordpress site where the public side was fine, but the admin side was throwing a Internal Server Error 500 intermittently.   I couldn’t figure out what was wrong since I had done no changes, and my host

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iPhone Viewport and position absolute

Problem I have a div with id “stripe” that is using absolute positioning to be at the top of the page and span 100% of the page width.  It overlays the top part of the website.  The rest of my

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I don’t know how I used to develop web pages before Firebug.  It is the single best tool you can have when debugging a webpage.  If something doesn’t look right I open Firebug and find out what styles are being

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