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Media Uploader Crunching Issue

Problem WordPress has a bug.  When uploading an image (even a small,  1KB image) the Media uploader stalls and freezes in when Crunching is 100%.   This problem happens in both the flash and html uploader.  In the HTML uploader

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PHP ini overriding

On shared hosts, overriding the php.ini file can be frustrating.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  It’s up to the host provider.   This post will keep a record of what hosts need what type of requirements and will be updated from

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Weblog Expert

Problem A client had wanted Google Analytics on their site a few months back so they asked me to put it in their website.  I thought I had, and I did, locally, but for one reason or another, it was

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GoDaddy Refund

Today I learned GoDaddy offers a refund if you cancel your hosting plan early.  I couldn’t really find a straight answer for this and wanted to be sure.  So I emailed support and they replied pretty quickly saying they would

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MySQL Auto Backup

The following commands should be run daily.  This will give you a backup for 1 full month.  After 1 month the backups will overwrite the oldest files.  The %d is the day of the month. GoDaddy: In your Hosting Dashboard

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GoDaddy Password Protect Home Directory

Problem: GoDaddy makes it simple to password protect a directory.  You just go to their file manager, click on a directory, click on Permissions, fill out a user and password and you’re done.  Bad thing is that you can’t password

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