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htaccess Examples

Common .htaccess redirects are available on github: How nice.  I need this.

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WordPress htaccess Explained

A great post explaining each line of WordPress’ htaccess file.

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jPlayer doesn’t play in IE9

Problem Using jPlayer to play video works fine in Chrome and Firefox and the iPhone, but does not play in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9).  In IE9 it just shows a black screen and goes back to the first frame.  

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Page Speed SEO

One of the metrics for Search Engine Optimization is the time it takes to load a page.  With Google’s PageSpeed tool, you can see if your page is loading optimally.  One of the ways to better your page loading is

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WordPress .htaccess Exclude folder from RewriteRule

To exclude a folder from the wordpress rewrite in .htaccess, add the following line before the other RewriteConds, replacing somedir with your folder name: RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/(somedir|somedir/.*)$

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GoDaddy Password Protect Home Directory

Problem: GoDaddy makes it simple to password protect a directory.  You just go to their file manager, click on a directory, click on Permissions, fill out a user and password and you’re done.  Bad thing is that you can’t password

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wordpress mod_rewrite exception url

Problem: I added a wordpress blog to a website, but I still needed to get to a url that was on the same website and not part of wordpress. Search terms: wordpress mod_rewrite exception url Solution Found: Use: RewriteRule

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