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CSS iOS div lines disappear on zoom in

Problem In iOS devices sometimes safari can display an annoying line above and below div elements.  Like so:   Solution The solution is quite hacky and hopefully this is a bug in Safari and it gets fixed soon.  The solution is

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iPhone Viewport and position absolute

Problem I have a div with id “stripe” that is using absolute positioning to be at the top of the page and span 100% of the page width.  It overlays the top part of the website.  The rest of my

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Debugging Websites for iPhone

Problem I created a website that looked great in IE7+, FF, Chrome, and Safari, but on the iPhone a few things looked off.  Problems could be from the viewport being 480px wide but the website is 1000px wide so using

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New iOS 5 Apps

Find My Friends This is an app I wanted to do for a while, but never got around to actually doing it.  The app lets you find your friends on a map.  You can request to temporarily or permanently follow

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Styling for Mobile Web

Developing for IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome is a pain!  But now we have mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad.  This website demonstrates a nice way to handle these:

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