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Javascript Done Resize

Normally code in the resize event is meant to just run once when the user is done resizing.  This code below, from css-tricks and seen elsewhere will do the trick: var resizeTimer; $(window).on(‘resize’, function(e) { clearTimeout(resizeTimer); resizeTimer = setTimeout(function() {

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PHPUnit and PHP 7 problems

Problem I’m using PHPUnit 5.5, upgraded my PHP version to 7.2.  Two problems actually occur.  First there’s this weird error: Fatal error: Declaration of SebastianBergmann\Comparator\DOMNodeComparator::assertEquals… Then figuring PHPUnit needs to be upgraded, I ran phpunit –self-upgrade And that failed with

How to stop redirect from http:// to https:// in Chrome

Problem I’ve been trying like crazy to get to my local website at, but I keep getting redirected to and of course it doesn’t work because I don’t have a SSL certificate for that domain. Solution As of

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SVG height not scaling properly on IE 10

Problem IE 10 shows a skewed svg image who’s width is set to a specific value and height is auto.   Solution The problem is the width and height in the SVG file is set and IE is following those

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wpdb insert returning false

Problem When running wpdb->insert the result returns false.  All the values seem to check out to be fine.   Solution The problem might be due to this bug in WordPress.  Basically one of your fields is too long and WordPress

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WP Cron with Basic Authentication

Problem WordPress’ cron doesn’t work when a site has basic authentication.  You basically would get a 401 error.   Solution Thanks to Nick Ohrn (in 2014) this problem is solved with a simple mu-plugin.  You just need to set the

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Where is wp_capabilities?

Problem After creating a user with a certain role I need to do a custom sql query where it only selected users of a specific role.  This failed to find anything: select u.ID, u.display_name, u.user_login from $wpdb->users as u inner

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Chrome Zoom Shifts Layout

Problem: When zooming in or out on Chrome, the widths of elements increases very slightly and causes some elements to shift to the next line. Solution: The actual problem is Chrome adjusts the widths of elements by tenths.  So something

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WordPress REST API schema property format: email

Problem:  When setting a property type to ’email’ like so: $schema = array( ‘$schema’ => ‘’, ‘title’ => ‘user’, ‘type’ => ‘object’, ‘properties’ => array( ’email’ => array( ‘description’ => __( ‘The optional email address for the something.’ ), ‘type’

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WordPress Capabilities with map_meta_cap and user_has_cap

The two functions, map_meta_cap and user_has_cap allow you to change capabilities on the fly without having to add to roles in the database.  These also allow you to have a ton of flexibility. Some examples from the talk:  If you can