CSS IE Printing A Lot of Blank Pages


One of the smaller pages on a wordpress site I was working on printed about 75 pages in Interent Explorer (73 of which were blank).  Both Firefox and Chrome printed the normal 1-2 pages.  Only the contact us page had this problem.



Luckily only the contact us page had this problem.  It uniquely had a google maps plugin (the Comprehensive Google Map Plugin).  This google map plugin is very useful and handy, but for printing it was causing the problem in IE.  The global-data-placeholder object that this plugin inserted had the top and left css style as “100000px !important”.  It had a height and width of 0 so it normally does not show.  I kind of remember IE having problems with 0 height and 0 width objects though.  Anyway, I simply made a print_styles.css and set that to not display.

#global-data-placeholder { display:none;}


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