Environment Setup

This week I had to temporarily work on a new laptop so I had to set up my dev environment from scratch.  Of course, I wanted the same tools and apps I had on my permanent environment.  I find that these tools and apps stick with you for some time so below is a list of apps that I needed to install on my new development environment.

  • Dropbox – to easily share files between computers both locally and over the web.
  • FileZilla – to upload files to the servers
  • MAMP – to test your code locally before uploading to the live servers
    • See MAMP Optimizations to start MAMP on startup without the GUI.
    • Remember to set the <Directory> override to AllowOverride All if you want your WordPress or other sites to use .htaccess.
  • SourceTree – to push/pull your code so it stays in synch with other environments you may have or other teammates.
  • Sublime Text 2  – to edit your files.
  • WordPress – not so much a tool, but it is part of the testing environment.
  • Slack or HipChat -or whatever trending chat program.  to communicate to others
  • Virtual Box – To run those pesky versions of Internet Explorer.
    • Then head on to get free VMs from Microsoft so you can get all the lovely versions of IE.
  • ImageOptim – To optimize images, taking up less disk space and load faster.

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