Fancybox not working after second click


Setting up fancybox 1.3.4 with inline content doesn’t work when clicking on the link twice.


The problem I think is with the upgraded version of jQuery.  If using jQuery 1.4 like the example, it should work fine.  But if you are using jQuery 1.10+ or even 1.9 you may run into this problem.  The work-around would be to explicitly set the content like so:  The proper workaround is to save the parent of the element you want to lightbox and then on fancybox-cleanup replace the fancybox-inline-tmp element with the element you lightboxed like so:

  var popupParent = jQuery("#popup").parent();
  jQuery(document).on('fancybox-cleanup', function() {

Update: There are other errors that occur with Fancybox and jQuery 1.9+. Stack overflow has the patch… but you still need to do this fix for the second click.

Update 2:  Below is a patch to fix the inline issue too.  I only tested for one instance, so use with caution.  I added a objParent… look for that and that’s all the changes made.




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