Font not showing properly in IE 8


I’m using a google font that works fine in the menus, but seems to have a shadow of some sort in the content.  I set the font color to white and i still see some sort of outline.  I have tried to set outline, text-shadow, font-variation, border, even ms-filter’s dropshadow to 0, none, not enabled.  And nothing works.



The problem was the ms filter DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Shadow.  This was set on the div container.  I didn’t know it would apply to the fonts within it!  I had to pretty much take it off for IE 8 using style sheet conditionals:

-ms-filter: “progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Shadow(enabled=false)”;

Trying to add that to a container within the container with a shadow cause a black background or black line (which i’m assuming is the shadow).  So the only solution was to set it on the container that previously set it.

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