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Today I realized I needed a reliable web host that I can use for development purposes.  Either for demoing to clients or testing things out, it needed to be online, free (because I wouldn’t use it for production), and not go out of business.

Doing some research these are the companies I came across:


On a WordPress forum thread one of the comments suggested Byethost.  It’s free, seems to offer a ton of power and space.


I don’t know too much about these guys, sorry.


This is probably the Facebook for coders.  My first impression of Koding is that it seems to accomplish what GitHub is trying to do.  basically make a social network for coders.  At Koding you get a free VM with full root access.  It’s way more than just a free webhost.  The only drawback (for my current needs) is that the VM shuts down 20 minutes after you log off.  I’ll probably sign up for this later, but for what I need this isn’t it.


These guys are probably the most well known free web hosting company.   They’ve been in the business for a long time and they are well known.  However, be warned, they delete your site with no warning whatsoever.  I created two sites to test them out installing WordPress and some plugins.  A few weeks later I was ready to point my domain there but I couldn’t log in.  The forget password portion simply said the account with my email doesn’t exist.  I assume my account was deleted for inactivity, but I have no idea.

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