Get TinyMCE to use Absolute Paths


I was working with a customized CMS which uses the TinyMCE editor.  This editor was placed in a subfolder to edit content meant for the root folder.  This meant that the images in the TinyMCE editor would show something like “../images/” for the path to the images folder while the public pages would need something like “images/”.  The problem with TinyMCE was that every time you insert an image it would show the absolute path, but when it saved, it would be a relative path.



To get TinyMCE to always use absolute paths, tell it to not use relative paths!  In tinyMCE.init where you configure the editor, add the options under the “use absolute urls” comment


    // General options
    mode : "textareas",
    theme : "advanced",
    width: "480",
    height: "400",

    //use absolute urls
    remove_script_host : false,
    relative_urls : false


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