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This may be obvious to the git experts, but I am not that.  There also may be a better way to do this, but again, not a git expert.

I have a git repo set up on WPEngine, but they only allow the whole server to be a repo, not just a single plugin.  This was a problem since the whole server directory was not in my current repo.  So it was either make a new repo which was basically a copy of my current repo but a different folder structure or keep on using SFTP.  I decided to make a new duplicate repo.  The problem (which i also had with SFTP) was finding the files that changed and pushing them to the server.  This is both error-prone and slow.  I found a script that could copy all changed files from the last commit into my WPEngine deploy directory and also discovered a way to do this automatically when pushing from my main repo.

Create/Save this script in .git/hooks/pre-push file.  This would be in the main git repo I work in.  This copies all changed files to the WPEngine deployment repo.


MOST_RECENT=$(git log -n 1 –pretty=format:’%h’)
PREV=$(git log –skip=1 -n 1 –pretty=format:’%h’)

echo “Coping to $TARGET”
for i in $(git diff –name-only $MOST_RECENT $PREV)
# First create the target directory, if it doesn’t exist.
mkdir -p “$TARGET/$(dirname $i)”
# Then copy over the file.
cp “$i” “$TARGET/$i”
exit 0

Thanks to the following articles about pre-push hooks and how to get the files between commits.

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