Images not showing in my browser


I created a site with temporary ad images.  It shows fine in chrome, firefox, safari, internet explorer (it’s a miracle) on pc, but some images do not show on chrome for mac.  What’s wrong?



Some things to try:

  • View just the image in the browser.  If it shows skip past this list.
  • Make sure your css/html is correct.
  • Make sure if you are using float the image didn’t just go to the next line behind some other element.
  • Try make an html page with just one image.

If all that fails, try and rename the image.  Yes, rename the image.  It worked for me.  A simple rename of temp_ad_728x90.png to something.png worked.  My ad blocker (which i only had in mac chrome) apparently blocked the image from showing because of it’s name.  What a waste of time.



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