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Find My Friends

This is an app I wanted to do for a while, but never got around to actually doing it.  The app lets you find your friends on a map.  You can request to temporarily or permanently follow a friend.  Once your friend accepts, you can see where they are.  A benefit of this for me is if someone is coming to pick me up or we are both at a large crowded event, we can spot each other.  In my one day of using this however, the location of my friend and sometimes myself is not very accurate.  In a matter of minutes, my friend jumped from one house to another to an onramp.  Find My Friends is available in the App Store for the iOS 5.

One feature I would like to see in this app is an alert function.  So if a friend were coming to pick me up, I could set an alarm to trigger when my friend is within a certain area.



This is a pretty cool app where you can create you own cards with a personal message and a photo.  Once you enter your apple id you can pay $2.99 in the US which includes the postage and the card will be physically sent.  Cards is available in the App Store for the iOS 5.


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