Requesting a Refund from iTunes


I recently purchased an App from the App Store and it does not do what it said it is supposed to do.  I am not happy with my purchase and would like a refund.   How do I get a refund from Apple?



  1. Launch iTunes on your computer
  2. In the upper right corner of iTunes, click on your account ID.  Or if you click on the arrow next to it, in the dropdown, click “Account”.
  3. Click on the “Purchase History” button.
  4. Find and select the date where you purchased the item.
  5. Click on the “Report a Problem” button.
  6. Explain that you would like a refund and explain the reason why.  It’s best to be polite and detailed.  Apple does not simply give refunds to anyone who wants one.  You’ll need a valid reason as to why you deserve a refund.
    1.  Something like an audio file being corrupt and not being able to playback is a good argument for a refund.
    2. Simply not liking something is not a good argument for a refund.
    3. Apple will not refund you anything if the purchase was made over 90 days ago.
    4. Remember, Apple did not create the product, they are only the middleman.  They have millions of products in the App Store and cannot make sure each product does what it claims to.  Be polite and you should at least get a response.
  7. Click “Submit”.  Apple usually responds within 48 hours to let you know if can get a refund or not.

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