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WordPress Next Gen Gallery Skinny Thumbnails in IE8

Problem The thumbnails for the next-gen gallery wordpress plugin show up very skinny.  However using the nggallery widget with IE8 Webslices seems to work fine.  I tried adding “webslice=1” or some variation of it to include this webslice option for

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IE nasty black on jquery fade

Problem Fading a semi-transparent image in or out causes the whole image to go black before or after fadeIn and fadeOut in IE only.   Solution You can set the opacity before the fadeIn or fadeOut.   source: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1284163/jquery-ie-fadein-and-fadeout-opacity keywords:  jquery

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No Shadow in Internet Explorer

Who Will Cry When You Die?   Problem I need some shadows using CSS in the non-modern browsers IE 7 and IE 8.  I found that it can be done with the filter attribute using the following code: .shadow {

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IE z-index

Z-Index troubles for IE.    From what I got from the link below… don’t use position:relative as much as possible.  Once you use position:relative, it puts the element and all it’s children onto another stack and z-index will not work.

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Multiple Versions of IE

Every version of IE requires its own special little hack to make it look how it’s supposed to.  Developers can go crazy trying to fix an issue for a version of IE that only their client has.  To make things

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apos in IE – no work!

There is nothing so irritating as somebody with less intelligence and more sense than we have – Don Herold Problem Microsoft Internet Explorer is displaying ' while other browsers are displaying a single quote. Solution IE has apparently decided to

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Caching Issue

Problem: Changed a javascript file, but the browser still detects it.  Take out the javascript file, and the page still runs fine as if it is there.  This is occurring in IE. Solution: Hit f5 a million times.  Clear the

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IE Takes Time

IE has officially forced me to spend 50% more time to complete a project.  Bugs, workarounds, special IE filters, all contributed to the time.  The last 3 or 4 projects, I tracked my hours spent on IE.  Maybe Microsoft secretly

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jQuery bgpos fix

Problem: IE was throwing a ‘undefined’ error when using the jquery.bgpos.js script.  Here is an example of what it can do: http://snook.ca/technical/jquery-bg/ Solution: Found on Stack Overflow as usual, here is the fixed jquery.bgpos.js made especially for Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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IE screenSize

Problem: Apparently no one cares about a user’s actual screen resolution.  Usually I don’t too, but in this case I do.  In creating a home page with an image as the background and expands as the user expands their window,

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