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jQuery Legacy Versions

jQuery is a great javascript library that I have beeen using for a while now.  The problem with using it for a long time is that websites get out of date and when you want to add a cool new

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Scroll to Top with jQuery

A very simple and easy solution:   var container = $(‘div’),     scrollTo = $(‘#row_8’); container.scrollTop(     scrollTo.offset().top – container.offset().top + container.scrollTop() ); // Or you can animate the scrolling: container.animate({     scrollTop: scrollTo.offset().top – container.offset().top +

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jQuery add table row

Problem How do you add a table row using jQuery?  A table has so many different elements in it that things might get screwy.   Solution There is no one statement-to-use-on-all, but the below line is a pretty general answer

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IE nasty black on jquery fade

Problem Fading a semi-transparent image in or out causes the whole image to go black before or after fadeIn and fadeOut in IE only.   Solution You can set the opacity before the fadeIn or fadeOut.   source: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1284163/jquery-ie-fadein-and-fadeout-opacity keywords:  jquery

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prettyPhoto undefined description

Problem I had “undefined” showing up in the description of my lightbox whenever I left out the “title” attribute in my link.   Solution I am using jQuery 1.6.2, the examples used 1.4.2.   To resolve the problem, look to

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IE Takes Time

IE has officially forced me to spend 50% more time to complete a project.  Bugs, workarounds, special IE filters, all contributed to the time.  The last 3 or 4 projects, I tracked my hours spent on IE.  Maybe Microsoft secretly

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jQuery bgpos fix

Problem: IE was throwing a ‘undefined’ error when using the jquery.bgpos.js script.  Here is an example of what it can do: http://snook.ca/technical/jquery-bg/ Solution: Found on Stack Overflow as usual, here is the fixed jquery.bgpos.js made especially for Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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Share Buttons with jQuery

Simple as pie… Adding share buttons using jQuery and CSS: http://www.webanddesigners.com/floating-share-box/

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Slow Javascript in IE

Problem: The menu on this website:  http://www.sohtanaka.com/web-design/side-navigation-tooltip-popup-bubble/ ran fine in IE.  It was quick and worked fine.  On my website however, it ran slooow. Solution: Look for large images that may be loaded.  IE doesn’t seem to handle them very

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Preload Images with Jquery

Very impressive preloading: http://www.dynamicwp.net/articles-and-tutorials/how-to-create-preload-images-with-jquery-in-wordpress/

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