WordPress 3.6 update caveats

The main problem in updating WordPress is the version of jQuery that is used is also updated.  jQuery is updated from version 1.8.3 to version 1.10.2.   Below is a record of what I’v gone through.  It’ll grow as I update more sites.


  • GravityForms (ajax) in PrettyPhoto – Using PrettyPhoto’s inline lightbox it creates a duplicate of the content you want in the lightbox.  Because of this, GravityForm’s replaceWith() call when using ajax replaces the original form, not the duplicated form in the lightbox.  The effect is you’ll need to press the submit button twice to see the form’s confirmation message.  To resolve this you need to bind to the ‘gform_confirmation_loaded’ event and have the replaceWith work on the form in the lightbox.  See form_display.php in GravityForms plugin for help.
  • Comprehensive Google Map Plugin v7.0.31 – This plugin requires that you have jQuery version 1.3 and above.  Seems right except mathematically, 1.3 is greater than 1.10.  So the plugin will popup a message saying you are using a version of jQuery older than 1.3.  To fix this if it’s not yet updated, find assets/js/cgmp.framework.min.js and find where it checks the version.  Details here.
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