Draggable Icon in Font Awesome

This is weird.  Font Awesome has a ton of fonts, but no draggable icon.  Issue #816 is on github shows much love for this added feature, open since 2013.

A workaround for this suggested by abanctelchevrel:

/* \f142 is ellipsis-v */
/* \202F is thin unbreakable space */
.fa.fa-grip:before {
content: "\f142 \202F \f142 \202F \f142";
.fa.fa-grip-large:before {
content: "\f142 \202F \f142 \202F \f142 \202F \f142 \202F \f142 \202F \f142 \202F \f142";

fa-grip-large : <i class=”fa fa-grip-large fa-rotate-90″></i>
fa-grip <i class=”fa fa-grip”></i>

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