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Order Non-hierarchical Custom Post Types

Non-hierarchical post types are like regular posts which normally do not have a menu_order attribute.  Hierarchical post type are like pages which allows a parent/child and is normally ordered by the menu_order attribute.  What if you have a custom post type that

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WordPress Heartbeat API

I could not find any extensive documentation on the WordPress Heartbeat API, so I am writing here to remember what I have learned through various tutorials throughout the web. The Heartbeat API is written in Javascript.  Think of it like a

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edit_users capability on multisite

No matter how hard you try, if you add the edit_user capability to a user on multi-site and that user is not a super-admin, the user will not have the edit_user capability.  This is hard-coded into WP_User’s map_meta_cap.  There is a filter

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How does WordPress redirect mistyped URLs to the correct one?

Well, I’m not sure exactly because it is A LOT of code, but to make it stop, you can use the filter ‘redirect_canonical’ and return false.  like so: So say you have a post named “mission” at http://mydomain.com/mission, but for

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Google Analytics Measurement Protocol for Subscriptions

Send Analytics Data Directly From Your Server Google Analytics Measurement Protocol is available for Google’s Universal Analytics.  It was released in the first part of 2013 and is as of this writing still in public beta.  It allows developers to

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Free Web Hosting

Today I realized I needed a reliable web host that I can use for development purposes.  Either for demoing to clients or testing things out, it needed to be online, free (because I wouldn’t use it for production), and not

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Easy WordPress Localization

If you want to localize a plugin or theme or even just change some wording around, or if you are starting from scratch the easiest thing to do is install the Codestyle Localization plugin. If starting from scratch, just  make

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WP_Query and posts_per_page

Problem The following code does not seem to limit the posts to 3 posts.  Instead uses the wordpress setting of 10 posts: // The Query $the_query = new WP_Query( array( ‘nopaging’ => true, ‘posts_per_page’ => 3, ‘post_type’ => ‘post’ )

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WordPress Maintenance Page

If you’ve updated WordPress, you should have noticed that wordpress goes into “maintenance mode” whenever mass plugins or WordPress itself is updated.  What if you wanted to do some manual upgrading?  Then you can manually put wordpress into maintenance mode.

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WordPress Cron

A great way to take more control of your wp-cron and also slightly speed up wordpress is to disable cron and scheduled a cron job on your server to run wp-cron.php.  You just need a server that supports cron jobs.

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