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SVG height not scaling properly on IE 10

Problem IE 10 shows a skewed svg image who’s width is set to a specific value and height is auto.   Solution The problem is the width and height in the SVG file is set and IE is following those

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Careful with supporting all versions of IE 8

Problem Internet Explorer 8 is still mildly popular and so probably needs to be accommodated for on websites.  However, like different versions of Chrome and Firefox, IE8 also has different versions.  There are about 6 different versions of IE8 in

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Font not showing properly in IE 8

Problem I’m using a google font that works fine in the menus, but seems to have a shadow of some sort in the content.  I set the font color to white and i still see some sort of outline.  I

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IE Doesn’t see padding on hover

Problem Internet Explorer 8 (I no longer even look at IE 7) seems to not be able to see the padding on an anchor tag within a ul > li > a structure.   Using jQuery I have a hover

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Z-Index, iFrames, and IE

Problem I’m using the Apprise jQuery plugin to show a fancy alert box on a webpage.  The problem is I also have the embedded iFrame code from YouTube on the page.  When the fancy alert box shows in Internet Explorer,

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jPlayer doesn’t play in IE9

Problem Using jPlayer to play video works fine in Chrome and Firefox and the iPhone, but does not play in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9).  In IE9 it just shows a black screen and goes back to the first frame.  

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IE and inline-block

Apparently IE 8 cannot change the display of a element to inline-block unless it natively is inline.  The fix is to trigger hasLayout on the element before trying to change it.  Below is a code snippet to get elements to

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CSS IE Printing A Lot of Blank Pages

Problem One of the smaller pages on a wordpress site I was working on printed about 75 pages in Interent Explorer (73 of which were blank).  Both Firefox and Chrome printed the normal 1-2 pages.  Only the contact us page

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Opacity in multiple browsers

A collection of opacity syntax for multiple browsers. .img_transparent_class { /* IE 8 */ -ms-filter: “progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=50)”; /* IE 5-7 */ filter: alpha(opacity=50); /* Netscape */ -moz-opacity: 0.5; /* Safari 1.x */ -khtml-opacity: 0.5; /* Good browsers */ opacity: 0.5; }

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Vertically Centering Multi-line Text

Found a great article that demonstrates vertically centering multiline text.  It uses display:table and display:table-cell among some IE hacks. Found a better post on stack overflow that does this.  The idea is to have an outer div with a specific

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