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HTML 5 Flash Fallback Video Player w/ RTMP

There are a ton of video player that use HTML5 with flash fallback.  A few years ago I found one named JW Player.  This was a great player that was fully featured.  Keyword being “was”.  I was developing a website that

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Convert Mac dfont files to TTF format

Windows only accepts TTF font files while Mac format’s their font into Dfont format.  This tool by Peter Upfold lets you convert those beautiful Mac fonts into windows format.  Then with your TTF fonts you can upload them to http://www.font2web.com/ or

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prettyPhoto undefined description

Problem I had “undefined” showing up in the description of my lightbox whenever I left out the “title” attribute in my link.   Solution I am using jQuery 1.6.2, the examples used 1.4.2.   To resolve the problem, look to

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PuTTY and its related tools are a free version of Telnet and SSH for windows.  It has been available since 1999 and I have heard about it since way back then, but I haven’t had a real need for it

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Open Source Licenses

Originally published by Zack Rusin, found by using the WayBack Machine. I am not a lawyer and do not know legal stuff.  I posted this here for my reference and in case the wayback machine loses the page.  If this

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