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Problem Pushing to git showed this error: Solution The problem is the git buffer is too low.  After finding the solution I realized I did have a large image that I added to the repository.   To fix, run the

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Load SSH key at startup for Mac OS X

If your ssh key is not adding and you continuously have to keep doing ssh-add -l ~/.ssh/mykey then do the following to add it to your keychain: ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/mykey   source: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1909651/svnssh-not-having-to-do-ssh-add-every-time-mac-os keywords: mac osx ssh-add all the time  

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git move files

Problem I added and pushed a bunch of files into my repository, but now I need to put it into a subfolder.   Solution Git is smart and will find the files you moved.  Do the following: $ mkdir newFolder

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git couldn’t resolve proxy null

Problem: I keep getting this error: “Couldn’t resolve proxy ‘(null) …”. I googled so hard!   Solution: Thank you to someone who just plainly answers my question.  You just have to unset http.proxy and possibly https.proxy! git config –global –unset

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