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iPad textarea not selectable

Problem The textarea on iPad could not be selected and could not have anything entered. Solution The textarea in iPad only responds to the ‘touchstart’ event and not the ‘click’ event, but regular input accepts the ‘click’ apparently.  I some javascript where it would catch

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Javascript defaultValue

For some reason I have never needed to use the defautlValue property up until today.  I was pleased to find javascript can access the original input value so tracking changes in a form is a bit easier.  However, the defaultValue

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Careful with supporting all versions of IE 8

Problem Internet Explorer 8 is still mildly popular and so probably needs to be accommodated for on websites.  However, like different versions of Chrome and Firefox, IE8 also has different versions.  There are about 6 different versions of IE8 in

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Z-Index, iFrames, and IE

Problem I’m using the Apprise jQuery plugin to show a fancy alert box on a webpage.  The problem is I also have the embedded iFrame code from YouTube on the page.  When the fancy alert box shows in Internet Explorer,

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Space Under Image Link

Problem I had the following code like so: <div class=”someborder”><a href=”#”><img src=”someimage.png”></a></div><div>some text</div> The class “someborder” basically made a border around the image.  The problem was that there would be some space under the image and then the border would

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Favicon png or ico?

I found some great info, where I always do, on stackoverflow.  Basically it all modern browsers request a ico file so its best to have it in case you don’t have a <link> tag.  The best thing was the ico

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CSS Height 100%

Problem I have a fixed footer and some content with a background.  The designer wants the content background to expand all the way to the bottom whether there’s a lot of content or no content at all.  This seemed relatively

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Firefox Table Row Height

Problem In Firefox and Chrome, having a table with an image of height 1 causes the row height to be 6px.   Code as shown below:   <table height=”1″> <tr> <td><img src=”images/spacer.gif” width=”170″ height=”1″ alt=””></td> <td><img src=”images/spacer.gif” width=”163″ height=”1″ alt=””></td>

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Convert Mac dfont files to TTF format

Windows only accepts TTF font files while Mac format’s their font into Dfont format.  This tool by Peter Upfold lets you convert those beautiful Mac fonts into windows format.  Then with your TTF fonts you can upload them to http://www.font2web.com/ or

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Images not showing in my browser

Problem I created a site with temporary ad images.  It shows fine in chrome, firefox, safari, internet explorer (it’s a miracle) on pc, but some images do not show on chrome for mac.  What’s wrong?   Solution Some things to

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