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Relative positioning of table rows and row groups is now supported. This site may need to be updated because it may depend on this feature having no effect.

Firefox displayed this warning in the Firebug console.  This warning indicates an absolutely positioned does not consider a table element relatively positioned so it may not appear as expected.  A better explanation is here: https://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?289315-Relative-positioning-of-table-rows-and-row-groups-is-now-supported.-This-site-may-nee and solution to fix is here:

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Left Sidebar Under Content

Problem Having a left sidebar move under the content in a responsive design needs a bit more thinking.  You can’t just do float left width 100% or display block and let the sidebar fall to the next line. Solution When

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Line in Firefox background

Problem When scaling the FireFox and having a background image size set to 100%, the bottom of the image sometimes shows a line on the bottom showing the background behind it. Solution Firefox seems to have a problem with background-size: 100%.  instead

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2 color horizontally expanding background

All done in css, no images.  Float the background past the normal page width based on percentage.  one on the left, one on the right.   http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8893312/css-bi-color-flexible-horizontal-background-band

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CSS iOS div lines disappear on zoom in

Problem In iOS devices sometimes safari can display an annoying line above and below div elements.  Like so:   Solution The solution is quite hacky and hopefully this is a bug in Safari and it gets fixed soon.  The solution is

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Pseudo Selector First Child of Class

Problem How do you apply a style to only the first element with a certain class? :first-child does not do this, that just selects the very first child no matter what the class is. :first-of-type doesn’t even do this.  but

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Vertically Center Anything With Dimensions

One way to easily vertically center a div is to set it to be absolute, set the width, height and then the top, bottom, left and right all equal to 0.  Something like this: From: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/356809/best-way-to-center-a-div-on-a-page-vertically-and-horizontally

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Careful with supporting all versions of IE 8

Problem Internet Explorer 8 is still mildly popular and so probably needs to be accommodated for on websites.  However, like different versions of Chrome and Firefox, IE8 also has different versions.  There are about 6 different versions of IE8 in

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What is box-sizing and border-box?

Problem In the latest WordPress theme, twentythirteen, I noticed styles that had padding didn’t affect the width of my box.  Whenever I add padding, the inside just got smaller and the outside stayed the same.  Was I dreaming all this

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IE Doesn’t see padding on hover

Problem Internet Explorer 8 (I no longer even look at IE 7) seems to not be able to see the padding on an anchor tag within a ul > li > a structure.   Using jQuery I have a hover

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