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OSCommerce admin pages show 401

Problem The OSCommerce admin pages were working fine a couple months ago.  Now I go to it and it shows a 401 error. Solution The problem was that the htaccess file had a rewrite added to it to always include

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get_permalink returning wrong link in excerpt

Problem In WordPress, the default theme, twenty_eleven, has a function called twentyeleven_continue_reading_link.  This method is supposed to return the permalink for the current excerpt.  However if you use setup_postdata() and call the_excerpt() the permalink will return the current page’s permalink, not the

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TinyMCE add Custom Characters

Problem: The Hawaiian language has the kahako but tinymce does not have these in their charmap.   Solution: To add more characters to the custom character map in tinymce, find the file: themes/advanced/js/charmap.js If you are using wordpress that directory

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Which CMS to Use?

I recently was asked the age old question “what CMS is the best?”.  So I asked back “What will the CMS be used for?”, and of course that wasn’t specifically known.  This post is not a complete post.  It is

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