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Relative positioning of table rows and row groups is now supported. This site may need to be updated because it may depend on this feature having no effect.

Firefox displayed this warning in the Firebug console.  This warning indicates an absolutely positioned does not consider a table element relatively positioned so it may not appear as expected.  A better explanation is here: https://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?289315-Relative-positioning-of-table-rows-and-row-groups-is-now-supported.-This-site-may-nee and solution to fix is here:

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Google font WOFF in Firefox

Problem In a website that gets fonts from Google’s CDN, the browser window loading icon continuously runs.  In Firebug you can see that the WOFF file from google is the culprit.   Solution Turn off Firebug.  Apparently it’s a problem

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Firebug in Safari

Since Safari 3.x, you can now have a firebug-like tool in Safari.  Either open terminal and copy-paste the line below or edit the plist file here ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Safai.plist. defaults write com.apple.Safari WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true Most websites stop there saying “you should now

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iPhone Viewport and position absolute

Problem I have a div with id “stripe” that is using absolute positioning to be at the top of the page and span 100% of the page width.  It overlays the top part of the website.  The rest of my

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Debugging Websites for iPhone

Problem I created a website that looked great in IE7+, FF, Chrome, and Safari, but on the iPhone a few things looked off.  Problems could be from the viewport being 480px wide but the website is 1000px wide so using

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I don’t know how I used to develop web pages before Firebug.  It is the single best tool you can have when debugging a webpage.  If something doesn’t look right I open Firebug and find out what styles are being

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