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PHPUnit and PHP 7 problems

Problem I’m using PHPUnit 5.5, upgraded my PHP version to 7.2.  Two problems actually occur.  First there’s this weird error: Fatal error: Declaration of SebastianBergmann\Comparator\DOMNodeComparator::assertEquals… Then figuring PHPUnit needs to be upgraded, I ran phpunit –self-upgrade And that failed with

Easy WordPress Localization

If you want to localize a plugin or theme or even just change some wording around, or if you are starting from scratch the easiest thing to do is install the Codestyle Localization plugin. If starting from scratch, just  make

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Environment Setup

This week I had to temporarily work on a new laptop so I had to set up my dev environment from scratch.  Of course, I wanted the same tools and apps I had on my permanent environment.  I find that


Problem Pushing to git showed this error: Solution The problem is the git buffer is too low.  After finding the solution I realized I did have a large image that I added to the repository.   To fix, run the

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Theme Localization

Wodpress theme localization seemed like an easy task.  And while all the info was there, I ran into several hiccups. PoEdit This piece of open source software seems like a great tool for localization until it doesn’t work.  For me,

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Firebug in Safari

Since Safari 3.x, you can now have a firebug-like tool in Safari.  Either open terminal and copy-paste the line below or edit the plist file here ~/Library/Preferences/ defaults write WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true Most websites stop there saying “you should now

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Loading Graphic

Not a graphic designer, but you need an animated graphic to show something is loading? is a free online tool that lets you create your very own loading graphic.

Favicon png or ico?

I found some great info, where I always do, on stackoverflow.  Basically it all modern browsers request a ico file so its best to have it in case you don’t have a <link> tag.  The best thing was the ico

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git move files

Problem I added and pushed a bunch of files into my repository, but now I need to put it into a subfolder.   Solution Git is smart and will find the files you moved.  Do the following: $ mkdir newFolder

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git couldn’t resolve proxy null

Problem: I keep getting this error: “Couldn’t resolve proxy ‘(null) …”. I googled so hard!   Solution: Thank you to someone who just plainly answers my question.  You just have to unset http.proxy and possibly https.proxy! git config –global –unset

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