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What keyboard does an HTML input bring up?

I was having trouble figuring out what input type brings up what keyboard on the iPhone and iPad.  Turns out the number type doesn’t bring up the numeric pad.  Only “tel” does. This is a great article on what input

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CSS iOS div lines disappear on zoom in

Problem In iOS devices sometimes safari can display an annoying line above and below div elements.  Like so:   Solution The solution is quite hacky and hopefully this is a bug in Safari and it gets fixed soon.  The solution is

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iPhone Viewport and position absolute

Problem I have a div with id “stripe” that is using absolute positioning to be at the top of the page and span 100% of the page width.  It overlays the top part of the website.  The rest of my

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Debugging Websites for iPhone

Problem I created a website that looked great in IE7+, FF, Chrome, and Safari, but on the iPhone a few things looked off.  Problems could be from the viewport being 480px wide but the website is 1000px wide so using

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New iOS 5 Apps

Find My Friends This is an app I wanted to do for a while, but never got around to actually doing it.  The app lets you find your friends on a map.  You can request to temporarily or permanently follow

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Styling for Mobile Web

Developing for IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome is a pain!  But now we have mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad.  This website demonstrates a nice way to handle these: http://www.danstorm.com/dan-storm-article-css-15.html

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