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WPEngine for WordPress Hosting Worth It?

This is not so much of a review, but more of how I came to a decision on WPEngine.  At $29/ month for the Personal plan I would not have even looked at WPEngine a year ago.  Why pay that

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Easy WordPress Localization

If you want to localize a plugin or theme or even just change some wording around, or if you are starting from scratch the easiest thing to do is install the Codestyle Localization plugin. If starting from scratch, just  make

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Environment Setup

This week I had to temporarily work on a new laptop so I had to set up my dev environment from scratch.  Of course, I wanted the same tools and apps I had on my permanent environment.  I find that

Google CDN

A lot of scripts and even styles can be retrieved from google’s cdn.  Save yourself some time, save your server some time, and save your visitors some time. jQuery UI themes: Scripts in WordPress: Use the Use Google Libraries

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HTML 5 Flash Fallback Video Player w/ RTMP

There are a ton of video player that use HTML5 with flash fallback.  A few years ago I found one named JW Player.  This was a great player that was fully featured.  Keyword being “was”.  I was developing a website that

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LemonStand eCommerce Notes

Lemonstand is an eCommerce solution that lets you try before you buy.  It is very simple to use and virtually no learning curve to develop for.  It uses PHP and mySQL.  Check it out for yourself here. Below are just

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Magento eCommerce Solution Notes

On install I got an error that said the php_pdo_mysql extension is required.  I added the extension to php.ini, restarted apache, and tried again.   I got an error similar to this: Exception printing is disabled by default for security

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Multiple Versions of IE

Every version of IE requires its own special little hack to make it look how it’s supposed to.  Developers can go crazy trying to fix an issue for a version of IE that only their client has.  To make things

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eCommerce Platforms

I’m in the hunt for a e-commerce open source framework that is easy to use and easy to extend.  Wordpress is the perfect combination of easy to use and easy to extend.  It also has great community support.  Before WordPress

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Google Spreadsheet Adding Hyperlink

To add a hyperlink to a google spreadsheet enter the following into a cell: =HYPERLINK(“”, “My Monkey Do”) Do not put in the “http://” part otherwise it may not work. See the Example Spreadsheet.      

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