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PCI Compliance

Fill out the SAQ-EP if you are a normal self hosted ecommerce site that outsources their payment to a 3rd party.  Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). http://www.pci-initiative.org/content/saq-ep-partially-outsourced-e-commerce-merchants https://www.pcicomplianceguide.org/saq-a-vs-a-ep-what-e-commerce-merchants-service-providers-need-to-know-now/ Worth noting that others may interpret this differently: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21484714/is-pci-saq-a-sufficient-for-an-ecommerce-website-with-a-custom-payment-page https://pcissc.secure.force.com/faq/articles/Frequently_Asked_Question/Why-is-SAQ-A-EP-used-for-Direct-Post-while-SAQ-A-is-used-for-iFrame-or-URL-redirect Just fyi (shameless affiliate

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Google Analytics Measurement Protocol for Subscriptions

Send Analytics Data Directly From Your Server Google Analytics Measurement Protocol is available for Google’s Universal Analytics.  It was released in the first part of 2013 and is as of this writing still in public beta.  It allows developers to

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OSCommerce admin pages show 401

Problem The OSCommerce admin pages were working fine a couple months ago.  Now I go to it and it shows a 401 error. Solution The problem was that the htaccess file had a rewrite added to it to always include

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LemonStand eCommerce Notes

Lemonstand is an eCommerce solution that lets you try before you buy.  It is very simple to use and virtually no learning curve to develop for.  It uses PHP and mySQL.  Check it out for yourself here. Below are just

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Magento eCommerce Solution Notes

On install I got an error that said the php_pdo_mysql extension is required.  I added the extension to php.ini, restarted apache, and tried again.   I got an error similar to this: Exception printing is disabled by default for security

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eCommerce Platforms

I’m in the hunt for a e-commerce open source framework that is easy to use and easy to extend.  Wordpress is the perfect combination of easy to use and easy to extend.  It also has great community support.  Before WordPress

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