All tools listed here are free and ready to use.  Last updated December 6, 2018.

CSS Gradient Generator

Great for creating gradients, even in IE:

DraGGradients is an insane radial generator:

Image Editor

Great for an alternative to Photoshop or even Gimp if you don’t have anything installed:

Test Your Code

Great for trying out some code without the setup or the mess.  For PHP or Javascript.

Spinning Ajax Loader – Pure CSS

CSS Semi-Transparent Background Generator

Need a semi transparent background and don’t want to use an  image as a background?  what?   And you want it to work in IE?

Placeholder Images

Waiting on your designer or client to send you images?  Use these sites to put images of exact sizes or color into your site.  No need to create or download any images.

Convert Images to Base64

Fast way to convert an image to base64.   Convenient way to include 1px images where you don’t want to include a image file.  Like a 1px transparent image:  <img
alt=”One pixel transparent GIF”

Built With

Need to know if a website is built with WordPress?  or if it’s on a Apache vs IIS server?  hosting too?

Compile and minimize your javascript

Google’s Closure Compiler is the safest and most effective.

Favicon generator

Gzip Tester

Test if your server is compressing your web pages.

WordPress Code Generator

Generate some common custom code and quickly get started with your new development.

Web Monitoring

Monitor your website up time and response times.  Get alerts when your website goes down.  All FREE at Pingdom.

Generate CSS3 Animations

Download a whole bunch of CSS3 animations or make a custom build for just what you need.

Database Search and Replace

Useful for migrating a database but you need to change some text which may/may not be in serialized arrays.

Check your SPF

SPF is one of the ways your servers validate where your email came from.

Check how spammy your email is

Free Conference Calling

Not exactly a dev tool, but free and it’s something to help with your workday.

Lossless Image Compression Tool

There are TONS of image compression tools, but the one I’m currently using is fairly good at reducing PNG and GIF sizes, flexible and not shady at all (it’s Yahoo!): – (Smushit is down and may have been discontinued!)

Another one that might be better than smushit in JPEGs, but more picky in what is accepted is:

Another one that does both lossless and lossy with a 10MB limit:

For Mac OSX, a local app that seems to use the exact same compression technique as Google’s Page Speed:

Optimize SVGs


Converted more than 10 images and no signup notice!

What’s the closest Google Font?

Whoever uses google fonts always asks the question, “What’s the closest to …?”  This website answers that question as best it can.

.htaccess Rules Checker

This life saving htaccess checker will let you check your htaccess rules before you put them on  your server.  Telling you what conditions are met. 

SEO Tools

Don’t trust any SEO tools unless it’s from the creator of a popular search engine.  And there’s no search engine more popular than Google.  This link can help you with page speed.

Recently (4/21/15) google announced it will put more significantly more weight on mobile-friendly websites.  use this to determine if your site is mobile friendly in Google’s eyes:

Cron Jobs

Need a cron job to hit wp-cron on your WordPress site?  This will do the job.  just sign up, enter your url, and your good to go.

Formatter and Other online tools

Escape HTML, format JSON, or format SQL, this website can do it all.  On Free Formatter, click on the links on the left and find the formatter you need.

Find a lighter or darker color of any color

Ever had a color for your theme, but needed a lighter or darker color?  this one gives you all shades of the color.

Open and edit a EPS vector file

This requires a free account, but it’s free.  A Pro version is available.

Global DNS Propagation Checker

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