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How to stop redirect from http:// to https:// in Chrome

Problem I’ve been trying like crazy to get to my local website at site.dev, but I keep getting redirected to https://site.dev and of course it doesn’t work because I don’t have a SSL certificate for that domain. Solution As of

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Google Analytics Measurement Protocol for Subscriptions

Send Analytics Data Directly From Your Server Google Analytics Measurement Protocol is available for Google’s Universal Analytics.  It was released in the first part of 2013 and is as of this writing still in public beta.  It allows developers to

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Google CDN

A lot of scripts and even styles can be retrieved from google’s cdn.  Save yourself some time, save your server some time, and save your visitors some time. jQuery UI themes: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/820412/downloading-jquery-css-from-googles-cdn Scripts in WordPress: Use the Use Google Libraries

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Z-Index, iFrames, and IE

Problem I’m using the Apprise jQuery plugin to show a fancy alert box on a webpage.  The problem is I also have the embedded iFrame code from YouTube on the page.  When the fancy alert box shows in Internet Explorer,

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HTML 5 Flash Fallback Video Player w/ RTMP

There are a ton of video player that use HTML5 with flash fallback.  A few years ago I found one named JW Player.  This was a great player that was fully featured.  Keyword being “was”.  I was developing a website that

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Google font WOFF in Firefox

Problem In a website that gets fonts from Google’s CDN, the browser window loading icon continuously runs.  In Firebug you can see that the WOFF file from google is the culprit.   Solution Turn off Firebug.  Apparently it’s a problem

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Caching With Widgets

W3 Total Cache is a great WordPress plugin that will help your Google Page Speed score and will also speed up your website.  The only problem is that it doesn’t clear the cache when widgets are updated.  So for example

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Page Speed SEO

One of the metrics for Search Engine Optimization is the time it takes to load a page.  With Google’s PageSpeed tool, you can see if your page is loading optimally.  One of the ways to better your page loading is

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Google Spreadsheet Adding Hyperlink

To add a hyperlink to a google spreadsheet enter the following into a cell: =HYPERLINK(“www.mymonkeydo.com”, “My Monkey Do”) Do not put in the “http://” part otherwise it may not work. See the Example Spreadsheet.      

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