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Macbook and the read only SD Card

Until recently I thought my SD cards from my camera were write protected by the camera formatting.  Apparently it’s just my macbook pro being flaky.  The macbook has some flaw where even when switching off the manual lock switch, SD

Solar Service logging every couple seconds

After updating to OSX 10.10.1 my mid 2010 macbook became very slow.  Looking at my System Logs I found the following messages repeated over and over and still continuing: 11/20/14 8:10:53.608 AM Solar Service[518]: End of data 11/20/14 8:10:53.608 AM Solar

WPEngine for WordPress Hosting Worth It?

This is not so much of a review, but more of how I came to a decision on WPEngine.  At $29/ month for the Personal plan I would not have even looked at WPEngine a year ago.  Why pay that

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Environment Setup

This week I had to temporarily work on a new laptop so I had to set up my dev environment from scratch.  Of course, I wanted the same tools and apps I had on my permanent environment.  I find that

Find large files on mac

Found a good article on how to find large files on the Mac OS X.  You can also save it as a smart folder so you can quickly see the largest files on your computer.

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Steve Jobs Videos

Steve Jobs had a passion for making a change in the world.  You can see it in everything he does and everything he says.  Below are some videos of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs Commencement Speech – A great speech inspiring

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New iOS 5 Apps

Find My Friends This is an app I wanted to do for a while, but never got around to actually doing it.  The app lets you find your friends on a map.  You can request to temporarily or permanently follow

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Requesting a Refund from iTunes

Problem I recently purchased an App from the App Store and it does not do what it said it is supposed to do.  I am not happy with my purchase and would like a refund.   How do I get

HTC Thunderbolt 4G – A lot of Power

 If you have the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt, you may notice that your battery life goes down a bit too fast.  This is because the 4G antenna takes up a lot of power.  There is no easy way to switch it

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Earlier this month, the  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition was released.  It costs $99 and includes 1 year membership to the Call of Duty Elite.  This includes all the downloadable content for Call of Duty which they