Moving Email Hosts

Transferring where your email is hosted can be tricky.  When moving from one host to another email is usually stored with the hosting plan.  If you have bad luck with hosting companies you may want to consider hosting your email on Zoho or Google Apps so you don’t have to go through this lengthy process every time you move.

Here are the steps to move email hosting:

  1. Backup your mail on your email client.  Usually it backs up to a .pst file.
  2. Set your incoming mail server to the IP address of the mail server.  This is so your mail client looks at your old server even after you change hosts.
    1. To do this, find the setting for your incoming mail server
    2. Do a DNS lookup to get the IP address.
    3. Paste the IP address into the incoming mail server setting.
  3. Set up email addresses on the new hosting account.
  4. Set up another account in your email client with the new host settings.
  5. Import your old mail into your new account by following your mail client’s instructions on importing.
  6. Now you should get mail from both new and old servers.
  7. After a week or so you can remove your old account and cancel the old hosting.  Be sure to transfer messages from the old account before deleting your old account.
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