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Moving Email Hosts

Transferring where your email is hosted can be tricky.  When moving from one host to another email is usually stored with the hosting plan.  If you have bad luck with hosting companies you may want to consider hosting your email on

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PCI Compliance

Fill out the SAQ-EP if you are a normal self hosted ecommerce site that outsources their payment to a 3rd party.  Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). Worth noting that others may interpret this differently: Just fyi (shameless affiliate

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htaccess Examples

Common .htaccess redirects are available on github: How nice.  I need this.

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WPEngine for WordPress Hosting Worth It?

Note:   This is not so much of a review, but more of how I came to a decision on WPEngine.  At $29/ month for the Personal plan I would not have even looked at WPEngine a year ago.  Why

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Free Web Hosting

Today I realized I needed a reliable web host that I can use for development purposes.  Either for demoing to clients or testing things out, it needed to be online, free (because I wouldn’t use it for production), and not

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WordPress htaccess Explained

A great post explaining each line of WordPress’ htaccess file.

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Online Tools

All tools listed here are free and ready to use. CSS Gradient Generator Great for creating gradients, even in IE: Image Editor Great for an alternative to Photoshop or even Gimp if you don’t have anything installed: Test

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WordPress Cron

A great way to take more control of your wp-cron and also slightly speed up wordpress is to disable cron and scheduled a cron job on your server to run wp-cron.php.  You just need a server that supports cron jobs.

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Hardening WordPress

I’ll be updating this post as I find more and better explanations to hardening wordpress.  The more secure, the better.  Some things to keep in mind when you are trying to secure your wordpress installation. Be careful when saying a

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OSCommerce admin pages show 401

Problem The OSCommerce admin pages were working fine a couple months ago.  Now I go to it and it shows a 401 error. Solution The problem was that the htaccess file had a rewrite added to it to always include

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